Changing our Political System with Precinct Committee Officers

With the unity of voters of all races, classes, politicians, religious and private organizations, we can make a change in our lives and a better future for our children. We can not afford to let our differences stop us from being united in life. All of us are Americans.

Changing Our Political System (COPS)

**This year we are addressing the renewal of our Voting Rights Act (VRA).
If all of the citizens in America are equal, then why should our Voting Rights Act have to be renewed every 25 years?

The Fifteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution is the only amendment that has special provisions with a impending expiration date in it that has to be renewed.

This is 2019 and these time limits for renewing our VRA are biases. These Civil Rights need to be kept on the books but they should not have to be renewed.

This is a small step in correcting the laws for the law abiding, hard working Americans Citizens who need and want to feel equal.

**Remember we all are equal in the eyes of the law and our American Constitution. 

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We can make a change in our lives and make a better future for our children.
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We will change laws and the mindset of politicians through civil and political activism.
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The American promise of equal rights for ALL.

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We are working on becoming a Non-Profit Organization.

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